Understand transform Perform

Consumer Behavior Analysis driven marketing strategies for your business. We make sales for you by bringing the right customer at the right time and at the right place.

Consumer Psychology

Analyzing consumer psychology and their related behaviors on the internet is the core of our internet marketing tactics. Did we just tell you our secret sauce?

On Time

On-time is so old school, ain’t it? The experience, the passion, the location or maybe a blend of it all is how we manage to always be before the clock.


You dream, we achieve. We make it happen with customized marketing solutions for your business. Perfect?

we are awesome

What we do

Content Development 90%
Online sales Strategy 90%
Digital Marketing 90%
Website Development 80%
SEO 80%
Ad Campaign 85%

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We are here to help you to grow your digital footprint in the most efficient and result oriented way.

What people say?

MezengaIT helped us in our end to end digital campaign set up. Their transparent approach and timely delivery are just frictionless
When it comes to walk the talk, mezegaIT is a name to reckon with. We had worked with many internet marketing companies before but never received such transparency and clarity.


We help you understand your consumer base and potential target audience by various online audits via different platforms. Once we catch their behavior and digital footprint, we turn the consumers to your business. This creates an ecosystem of ever growing consumer base.

Operating from a ‘laid back town’ named Margherita. The location which may seem disadvantageous is where we drive our inspiration from. We are the artists of the marketing world.

We implement online marketing strategies, social media marketing campaigns and SEO tactics to understand what, where and how your business can make sales.

We work alongside you, arm to arm, shoulder to shoulder to realize your vision. Tell us what you need and we will get it for you. Branding, Website Development, Lead generation or all of it?