“The Great Hack Documentary” Taught Us Data And Marketing are inseparable!

By Alka
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Have you seen “The Great Hack Documentary” by Netflix? If your hands were on your head thinking your world has crumbled because Trump won, you gotta watch what this Company does. They teach you how data and marketing are interrelated.

The company “Cambridge Analytica” (Which is closed now, for violating data ethics) is the hero of today’s article. This God forsaken company was responsible for toppling Brexit by bringing people to the favour of the exit. This was their ground prior to the time when they got involved in the world’s most powerful elections: The Election To The Office Of The President Of United States Of America and made Trump the winner. 

The entire nation was standstill like lightning just struck. We can keep on going as to what actually happened. Let’s just see what made online marketing get a place in History:

DATA And Marketing Begins: 

Cambridge analytica: data and marketing

Information was utilized as a weapon by the data analytics firm. Based on the statements of the company, 5000 data points of each American was collected throughout the campaign. All of it was done through online surveys via its App ‘thisisyourdigitallife’ on Facebook.  These data were analysed based on the 5000 data points collected and the analysis began. And they collected data of  87 million users on the basis of potentiality, as stated by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.


cambride analytica: data and marketing. data ethics

The humongous information collected via online surveys was like a mine. The firm mined the data, categorized them and started bombarding Ads on Facebook targeting and re-targeting the survey takers, apparently all of America. These were not just ads but ways to divert people from Hilary Clinton and bring them to Donald Trump. Visually and via Audio. Circulation of election campaign clips began which were all somewhere trying to prove Hilary’s incompetency. They showed her coughing, memes and various things started circulating. This process was non-stop and ongoing for months. 

This brings us to their next golden rule. 

Consumer Analysis and Behaviour: Push Marketing (The end result of Data and Marketing):

consumer analysis. online marketing. data. cambridge analytica. data and marketing. consumer psychology analysis

They analysed the very mind of the people, the behaviour of the entire USA just with the power of data points and millions of people. Now, once the circulations of Hilary were on spot and creating enough ripple and diverting the voters, they used their next Brahmastra.

They started targeting the soft voters. The voters who were on the middle of the line, still trying to identify their side. The positive videos and clips, the past, present and future of trump started ruling Facebook. Millions of Ad spent was done on Facebook to get things through the mind and drive the voters behavior. This was indeed a very classic example of how powerfully you can utilize your data to analyse the behavior of your customers and take them on the path you want them to be in.

So, was their campaign successful? Hell yeah! They helped in making “America Great Again”: Data and marketing in the right direction. Let’s not forget that!

However, they were sued for breaching privacy of the users and survey takers. They were questioned on Data Ethics. This was the time when the shares of Facebook went drastically down. Please check out their story in your free time.

Okay so, the take away?

Data is next to God today. It can do anything you wish.

Utilisation of data starts when you set your target audience and categorize them based on the data points. 

Consumer Behavior Analysis is your key to driving sales and audience to your platform. Understanding their likes, dislikes, thought process is hard work but worth the work.

With this, let’s end this topic for today! 

Please comment below with your industry or interest. We will write our next article on that. 

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If you want to know how to manually analysis your consumer’s or audience behavior, read this article:

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