Instagram Search icon is the game changer. Let’s appear there.

By Alka
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The search icon is the game changer. The most trending posts on Instagram appear when you tap on the search icon. The search feed also showcases posts from the hashtags you have followed. If your post appears on the Search feed even for say like 15 minutes, it is a lala land of sale or visibility opportunity. 

Here are some ways following which you can rank up there:


instagram seraches_instagram marketing tips
Hashtags will sail you to success.

Research on the most trending hashtags of the day, filter out the best and put it up in your caption. Now, there is one more way that saves you from this daily task. 

Sit down once in a week, check out the hashtags, you will have to actually type the ones you feel are most used, or the ones you have seen people putting up the most. Follow the global ones. See, how many posts are done in each. Then, check in which hashtag, when was the most recent post done. 

In this way, create a list (an excel) and utilize it for 6 days. Continue this for four weeks. You have your monthly list ready. Sit for the task once in a month now. Easy?

PS: Create your own Unique hashtags. Do not put it in one case. It should look like: #ILoveDigitalMarketing not #ilovedigitalmarketing or #ILOVEDIGITALMARKETING 

Timings: Your Backbone For Instagram Search

Instagram search_the importance of timing
Timing is everything

What & when are the two questions you must ask before you post something on your account. What are you posting? Is it a quote? A discount? A contest? A product/service post? A viral content? Based on what type of content it is, you must decide the timing unlike what we see randomly placed on Instagram. 

For example:
If it is a quote, the ideal time is morning or mid day, because during these timings we all need that extra push. 

But! Please make sure, the quote is just too good to be looked over.

If you want to post a product or service, the timing must be when the people are having their evening coffee/tea or might be relaxing and browsing through the social media.

The timing game, when played stronger, lands you up in the search section.

Instagram Story: Instagram Searches Depend Highly On Them

Instagram search_insta story
Best friend to search.

Who in the world can ignore stories. It is as viral on the Internet as coronavirus on Earth. Do not miss out on being there in the story. Put two stories daily. Even if you don’t have the post

Go with something like this. 

Twice daily, just like the prescribed medicines. Because this will cause a ripple effect and the audience will miss you suddenly if you don’t put a story. This will make you reach so many people everyday. Appearance on Instagram search becomes closer with this technique.

PS: Use hashtags in your stories. Use the text, and make it kinda invisible. These hashtags will only be to appear in the #InstaStory Searches. Works like a dream.

We will also be talking about a few dark secrets to play with your consumers’ psychology. Even, more about Instagram search appearance.

And also, we would say be your followers’ muse, become their habit. But, you will have to wait, till our editors agree to tell you the secrets.

With this, we bid you adieu only for today. You will have your share of tips tomorrow. 

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