Is Machine Learning “The BIG GUN” Of Netflix? Reasons why we feel so

By Alka
netflix and machine learning

Netflix is changing the entire game of online viewership.

You would love ’em too, said Netflix. Remember how your favorite show today, just appeared in your suggestions? We will explain it all.

Machine learning, a field of Artificial Intelligence, is turning computers into self learning devices. Just like your brain. You learn, analyse, store information in your brain. You fetch the exact information and display in terms of emotions, love, talk, debates, tears and much more. Machine learning is just the same. 

An average Netflix user watches 15 hours every month. This platform took Machine learning to a whole new horizon. The online content giant with 250 million active users profiles  is utilizing the information, data and feeding the data trees exponentially. The data in the form of explicit and implicit data are fed to the platform and algorithms just just do what they are supposed to. Allure you!

Here are some places where Netflix is just doing the best it can with the granular data it accumulates:

Recommends you shows: And you loved most of them, ain’t it?

The shows that a user watches on Netflix is all the game of machine learning and its undaunted success in Netflix’s case. The recommendations that you end up watching on the platform might not have been your choice in the other case.

Netflix studies your behavior, creating a ‘Taste community’, including all the users of your behavior across the world. They are recommended things you watch and you, the things they watch. So, you might have gained so many friends.

Streaming success: Data Speed Check Up

Believe it or not, Netflix makes sure that a particular content suits your internet speed. Machine Learning reads the internet speed. It embeds the cache in the home network to increase the download speed and show you notifications to watch it later or switch to another network.

Pre production recommendations: Best Of Netflix

The platform is famous for trying our various niches in terms of the Netflix originals. It utilizes your data and sets out to curate and create shows specially for you. So sweet of them. Right? What they do is, they look out for camera teams, writers, directors, actors across the world and genres. Their availability, their timings, locations for shoot are all analysed. All of these done by Machine Learning as a lone warrior.

Post production editing: For All The Netflix Originals

Before Machine Learning occupied our lives, the post production editing was done manually. With the advent of Machine learning and everyday development in the field, the editing process is taken over by it.

Netflix uses recommendation of machine learning in subtitles syncing, video quality, audio quality et cetera after the content is produced. It is just the biggest leap Netflix is taking towards automation with quality.

There are many other fields, some very controversial, where Machine Learning plays a very important role. We will come up with more articles. 

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Also which is better? Netflix or Prime video?

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