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Jewelry is a personality-driven product, thus, your marketing has to be very different. You have to know everything about your consumers or potential leads. How do you do that? Let’s go have some read then:

Details: Just like your Jewelry!

jewelry marketing
How color blue depicts movement and calm? This can be a detail mention in this kind of product pictures. You have to be very spontaneous and upbeat.

Your page bio needs to have details of what kind of jewelry people can expect here. But keep the bio interesting, grasping and exceptional. And also, the posts that are product images should sound very lucrative. How? Write one interesting about the product. 


How many hours did it take you to create it? 

How rare is the gem used? 

What kind of design work is done in it? 

Which personalities will love adorning it? 

PS: Do not post about gemstones and facts separately. It is meant for the pages dealing with gemstones only, not jewelry. 

Ethereal Product Photography: The soul of jewelry

jewelry photography tips. The most important step of marketing
This can be done in the park next door. You can be your own model or your friend/sister/cousin, just anybody. Instagram can help you with make up and dressing tutorials ūüėõ

Without a fab photo, your jewelry page will look empty. You can even capture amazing shots from your mobile phone. 

Take all the inspiration from Instagram. thereafter, all you need to do is take creatively high quotient pictures and top it up wild mild graphic designing, if at all possible.

See, what goes in for photography if you cannot afford a photographer? Colors, probes, background and frames. If you have these, you can create wonderful images.


Real time images: Pictures or clips that shows motion

Display of genuinity is the most important part of sales. Since, your lead or customer might be sitting oceans across, you need to showcase your real time pictures and clipings.

It can include: Pictures taken while the jewelry making/packaging work is in progress. The clip of your work station and so on.

Direct Engagement:

tips on marketing jewelry
ways to market jewelry on social media.
Which headscarf is ideal for an ethnic jewelry piece? Or just which lipstick shades? Some style blogs liek these.

Do not forget to directly engage with your followers. One way is to come up with blogs that talk about different ways to style a jewelry, different hacks to repair broken jewelry et cetera. 

Please mention your industry in the comments and we will curate blogs specially for you.

If you want to read something interesting, mostly a scandal, here you go:

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