How To Build Your Business Online During Quarantine And Save Your Followers!

By Alka
Build Your Business During Quarantine by being a good brand that cares.

We have started with analyzing the impact of the spread of Coronavirus on online sales and presence of the businesses and on the personal branding profile. And, let us tell you, it has been devastating. However, there are few techniques that will help you engage your followers, save your potential customers and build your business online during this quarantine:

Become their family: Build Your Business During Quarantine by being a good brand that cares.

Your marketing techniques might already have included posts that give you a chance to become a part of your consumer’s life. If not, time to get started today. Post videos or posters talking about safety measures.

Tell them they matter:

Your consumers who follow you need to hear how much they matter to you. If you don’t do this, they might never come back. 

DM them once in a week with a beautiful quote or something written for them personally. This will make them believe that you are not selfish and they matter. In order to build your presence online, you gotta do this!

Product/Service posts: Push It In Slowly To Build Your Business Online Presence During These Hard Times i.e While They Are Quarantined!

Once they know that they (your followers) are invaluable for you, your products/services will achieve the same level of love as they used to get. The ratio between moment related posts and product/service based posts must be 80:20 (80% momentary and 20% business).

Branding To Build Your Business Online May Be Just Cement It In The hearts And Minds Of The People!

If you are successful in creating your brand image now, you will rock when things get back to normal. Try giving out offers and freebies that can be utilized after the lock down. This will give you medals, we bet!

And hey!

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