QUORA And SEO Ranking..Ooolala! Step By Step Guide to work it out.

By Alka
Quora and SEO

Quora is like an underdog who is celebrated by the ones who are into SEO and SEM. Not only this, these two have so much potential that within a matter of months, it can boost your SEO ranking and thus your website’s traffic. As our poster speaks for itself, Quora and SEO ranking are the dream couples.

Here are some ways you can utilize Quora to build your SEO:

Profile Information: Quora and SEO Ranking (On our mind always!)

Your profile should have all the information that you see others having. Also, do not create a profile just for the motive of SEO on Quora. Because, Quora becomes a learning space eventually. Put a profile DP. Also, not to forget a date of birth and a bio.
This way, you sideline any possibility of Quora doubting your intentions. 

70:30 is the ratio:

Your monthly Quora Answers can have 70% answers with website link and 30% should be the ones which are answered without any link. Even if you cannot keep 70% with link you must increase the other to 40%. Because, your ID is more important than links here. It is a lot of hard work to get followers, views, traffic and also, you would not want to lose on this hard work.

Answering questions out of your business genre is very crucial because you would want to stay away from the eyes of Quora moderation. Quora functions like Wikipedia. So, we need to share our knowledge there, or just say, never behave like you are there for marketing :p

Set your keywords straight:

Keyword selection can be based on the ones used in your website or the ones that rank better. (You can use a free tool or a paid one for every nook of Keywords analysis)

Step 1:
Create a list of keywords and also pick from your website or Google.

Step 2:
Now, type each keyword in the search box on Quora Home Page in order to figure out the questions people have engaged with the most. 

Step 3:
Put the relevant question links in one excel sheet but also keep a track on a live google sheet. If in case you want to share it with your client, you can.

Step 4:
Everyday, answer one question from the list and do not forget to put your website link there. Also, answer 3 questions out of different interest areas.

Punctuality: Quora and SEO are attention seeking!

Quora demands punctuality. Thus, answer everyday.

Even if you feel like not answering today, just ask a question, a quirky, innovative, funny, informative, anything that you like. But, you just have to be present on Quora.

One more way to boost your sales is to put the right thing, near the right people at the right time. Check out this blog:

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Each consumer, multiple behaviors.
Hell yes!

All good? Have questions? Please comment below or email us at: info@mezengait.com

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