Consumers Behavior Analysis: What they like & What are they like?

By Alka
Each consumer, multiple behaviors.

The computer might be intelligent but it is created by humans. Point that we want to prove? No thing is more intelligent than the human race. If you do not want to invest in any tools for consumers behavior analysis, here are the tactics that will win you the superbowl kinda fame without any consumer analysis tool:

Listings of your followers/Consumers:

All your consumers are unique. Segregate your followers list into various heads. Examples:

  • Home makers (Your best buyer)
  • Working professionals (Your next buyer, if your pricing is genuine)
  • Kids
  • Youngsters
  • Adults
  • Seniors

And now, segregate it further to:

  • Travel lovers
  • Pet Owners/lovers
  • DIY Interested
  • Fashionable
  • Foodie 
  • Insta Story people
  • TikTok lovers etc

Your consumers can be a part of one or few or all of the mentioned categories. 
Why this? This analysis will help you plan your content ratio. If most of your consumers fall under the Travel category, your product/service must be directed via travel ideas. For an instance: If you are providing a service in the field of Languages, one or two of the posts in month can be somewhat like:
Learning a local language can help you understand the culture and lifestyle better.

Engaging With Consumers:

Creating engagement with your consumers behavior can be a very tiring thing as it will demand a lot of your time. Engaging your consumers will include:

  • Commenting on their uploads
  • Viewing their stories and reacting to them 
  • Running polls once in a while
  • Sending them DMs which are not related to sales but something like a Quote or a daily tip with your logo

Know more about engaging with your consumers here:

Scale Up Your Sales On Instagram! With these tested tactics.

Online Consumers behavior analysis and Instagram Sales

Thus, engaging with your consumers will help you analyse which things that trigger them to connect with you. Is it the reaction that makes them feel connected with you on a personal level? Or is it the DM that tells about something nice? You never know but someday, you will hit the bulls eye! 

So, try each of the techniques. As a business owner, it will take a lot of your time. However, you must pass it on to your team or a professional but do not miss out on this. This is the best way to gain loyal customers and generate leads that are convertible.

Test Of Time: A Major Impact On Consumers Behavior Analysis

Postings timings have always been like a dark tale still untold, however, it is very simple if you decode the entire thing. Divided in Phases:

Phase 1
Listings as mentioned above gets you to the first step of consumer behavior analysis

Phase 2
The reactions, commenting and sharing Direct Messages at regular intervals. These engagement activities will give you the idea about the timings of your consumer’s postings, replying and also keep an eye at the timings when they are generally seeing your DMs. 

Now this my friend, will tell you when to post. Figure out the three different timings where most of your consumers or potential consumers (followers) are active and start posting. 

PS: Timings might differ on weekdays and weekends but this is better isn’t it? So, you get the variety and also lot of opportunities to sell your product or service in different ways. If you get this consumer behavior analysis right, you will rock and also will your business.

Your question: Isn’t it too hectic or laborious to keep a check of everything my consumers are doing and c’mon the timings too? Just for the consumers behavior analysis?

It is a laborious work, however, this will help you stand out and make sales.

Any more questions? If yes then please put it in the comments below.

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